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The Innards--Or Part of them

So yesterday, while my house was occupied with, first, 5 teenage boys, and then two teenage girls, I decided to run a hardware test on my iMac.  We’ve had the machine for a just a couple of years–we’re approaching 3, I think.  It’s suffered some failures in the last 6-9 months.  I had run the hardware test before and found no problems with it.  This time, however, I got the message indicating imminent hard drive failure, so I started googling what I should do.  I found a couple of people who’d replaced the hard drive themselves, so I decided that would be a good way to go.

Mr. Geeky and I trekked over to our local computer store, picked up a 1 TB hard drive for $65, a screwdriver set for $20 (it has 100 pieces!), some canned air, and some suction cups (next door at Bed, Bath, & Beyond).  We also picked up more memory, but it turned out to be the wrong kind (damn my bad notes).  It took a while to take everything apart–maybe an hour or so.  But it was worth it.  As I type this, I am copying over all my music over from backup.

The screws--roughly where they go back

I also received a new phone today.  I had an original iPhone, which I have gotten a lot of use out of, but it was ceasing to function well for me.  It was slow, and dropped many a phone call.  I got a Motorola Atrix, an Android-based phone.  I thought about moving to an iPhone 4, but the price was way up there and I thought it was time to try something new.  I might even try my hand at developing something for it.  I’ve been having fun setting up my home screen, adding all kinds of widgets.  So far, I like the interface, even though some people complained about Motoblur, I think it’s kind of fun.  It puts social networking front and center, which is a major activity for me on my phone.  I also like having all my Google calendar stuff right there, which was a bit of a challenge on the iPhone. I never really liked Apple’s calendar.

Before all the computer and phone fun started, I spent a couple of hours programming a robot to go in a circle.  It’s an interesting challenge when your motor speeds aren’t very consistent.  More on that later.

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  1. What fun. I love the ending on a note of “robots running in circles.”

    We’re theoreticians around here, but getting involved in Destination Imagination, has us doing some building. Yesterday, the kids tried to use duct tape, tennis rackets, brooms, and spy cams to rescue a ball from the gutter.

    It seems like you’re having a really good time.

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