RBOC: End of year edition

  • I so want to make this: http://www.instructables.com/id/Build-A-Mobile-Bar-BaR2D2/
  • Schedule for the next couple of weeks: ice cream party, senior dinner, chaperone a dance, chaperone a day-long field trip, exams, grades, graduation.  And that doesn’t include the normal every day stuff.  Lots of things to wrap up.  All of it kind of fun in its own way.
  • On the home front: homework trouble again.  And let’s just say it counts now. Sigh.
  • Realizing I’m going to lots of conferences–all good, but now my summer feels packed.
  • My robotics students gave me a signed photo of me going down a log flume ride.  Made me very happy.
  • It’s been a good first year, and I still feel pretty warm and fuzzy about it.  In fact, all these end-of-the-year events sort of make me even more warm and fuzzy about it.

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  1. This is just so great. Lucky kids & lucky you to have come around to a fit that gives you warm fuzzies.

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