It’s that time of year

Since I’ve been out of the “real” education fold for a couple of years, I forgot how crazy the end of the year gets.  I mentioned in this post some of the events going on, but there’s also a lot of wrapping up to do, a lot of thinking about what needs to get done now, what can get put off, etc.  I don’t have the grading burden that most teachers here have.  I give no exams, my middle school classes aren’t graded (though I do write up extensive comments for those), and I have only one student in my upper school class, and we’re collaborating on a project together, so you can guess what kind of grade she’s getting.  Her part of the project . . . so much better than mine.  I’d give myself an A for trying, can’t help it I’m not an artist.

I had two funny dreams the other night that demonstrate my stress level.  First, I dreamed that I showed up late for an art show that I had a hand in helping with.  My collaborator on a digital storytelling project was really upset I didn’t show up on time.  She cried. I cried, saying how unlike me this behavior was (which is true).  Second, I dreamed I had to teach calculus.  I cried.  Really, I felt breathless, explaining to whomever (couldn’t see him or her) that I hadn’t had calculus since my sophomore year in college, more than 20 years ago.

I got through my final classes as of this morning.  All that’s left is to comment on their work and post those comments to the grading system.  I’ll likely take care of that next week.   I’m also coordinating our in-service day for the fall, and I’m trying to get as much done on that as I can before school is out.  I’ve lined up one outside speaker, and I’m working on a second, plus I’ve got several faculty volunteers lined up.  I’m hoping for many more.  I also started prepping for my new course for next year.  I have the summer to do it, but I wanted to get a bit of a head start.  Without classes next week, I think more time will open up.  Students and faculty don’t really need me right now since any tech projects were completed last week.  So, it’s just a matter of getting through the many little tasks that need to get done.

I know many of you out there are going (or just went) through the same thing.  I wish you all luck.  See you on the other side.

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  1. “Second, I dreamed I had to teach calculus. I cried. ”

    I love this — the teacher’s version of showing up having to take the final exam for a class you forgot to go to all semester. I still have that dream, and I wake up worrying that I didn’t really finish all the requirements for my (hs, college, ph.d.) degree.

  2. When I told my math colleagues about my dream, they actually thought I could do it . . . with a little refresher.

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