The Home Stretch

We have about 6 weeks of actual classes left, followed by a couple of weeks of exams.  I do not give exams, so that means I’m pretty much done when classes are done.  I still have to fill out report cards, but that’s made easier by not having to grade finals.  I wish it were different, actually.  My middle school classes meet once a week and are not graded.  My students receive comments, but only a pass/fail grade.  And of course, it’s silly to fail anyone.  I’m hoping to change that for next year and at least add grades.  And perhaps somewhere down the road, I can get more time with the students–twice a week? three times a week?  I dream of how much I could do with them if I had more time.

And for upper school, I’m hoping for enough interest to have more classes.  Next year, I’m looking at having at least 9 and possibly 11 students for my intro to computing class.  For a new class that’s an elective, that’s pretty exciting.  I’m also doing an independent student on web design and hope to turn that into a senior elective after next year.  I also have to think about follow-up classes to intro–advanced programming? game programming? something else?

I told someone at lunch yesterday that I was ready for a restart.  I’m looking forward to building on what I’ve learned this year, creating all new things, building on what I’ve already created.  It’s one of the things that great about education.  Opportunity to change, to learn, to do things differently next time.  Hopefully, the students see that too.

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