Spring Break

Spring break begins.  I’ve been sick for over a week now.  Mostly, I’m coughing up a lung.  It started as just a fatigued feeling.  Then a sore throat.  Then a cough.  Then the runny nose came.  Now I’ve got everything going.  I survived on drugs and my own adrenaline.  This week I ran a three-day course on e-textiles.  I had a fabulous group of kids. They all got along.  They were all fun in different ways and they all worked really hard.  After we completed the kits I’d purchased, I asked them to design their own projects, giving them the option of completing a bracelet I’d created based on this design.  Quite a few chose the bracelet, but a few others came up with their own creations.  We ran out of conductive thread.  I attempted to fedex more, but accidentally shipped via ground instead of next day.  Now I have more for next year.  Below are the pictures from our three-day sewing extravaganza:

I’m planning to stay mostly offline over the break.  For the next couple of days, I’m going to sleep and read, and probably watch bad tv.  I do want to do some work over the break–just tackling some programming problems I haven’t had time to look at–but mostly, I hope to truly escape, even though I’ll be at home.  I’ll see you all on the other side.

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  1. Enjoy your break! I’m so sorry you’re so sick, I hope the resting will speed the recovery. Now I’m going to look at your photos.

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