My life outside of school

Has gotten crazy/lazy.  You know how I was all flylady back in September?  Well, not so much anymore.  I’m looking at crazy piles on the desk.  There’s a load of laundry that needs to be folded.  Grocery shopping is happening sporadically at best.  No one’s dead yet, so at least that’s good.  Here’s what happens when I get home.  Some days, I’m home by 4:00.  Most days it’s closer to 5.  If I’m home by 4:00, which is rare, I might throw in a load of clothes or straighten a room up.  Today was my first day home by 4 in a long time, and I plopped myself in front of the computer to read blogs.  Sigh.  When it’s close to 5, I putter around, often in front of the computer (theme here?), but only for a short while because I have to cook dinner.  Then we eat, often in front of the tv, and then when I feel it’s reasonably late, I put on my pj’s and get in bed and watch tv.  Some days I have work to do, and that usually happens after dinner in my pj’s in bed.  This pattern has evolved primarily once cold weather hit.  The whole family is drained of energy from lack of sunlight, and the disrupted days with snow haven’t helped.  On top of that, we’re remodeling, so a bathroom is mostly out of commission and the bedroom is in temporary disarray.  I think spring break is mostly going to be about reclaiming the house. And my life inside the house.

What I feel like I should be doing instead of watching tv, goofing off on the computer? Reading.  Programming for practice.  Probably working more.  Exercising.  Housework. I’m having a hard time overcoming the exhaustion to make any of that happen.  Sometimes it’s physical exhaustion, sometimes it’s mental.

I will say that it helps writing blog posts once in a while.  So maybe I’ll slowly come around to doing all those other things too.  Writing this morning’s post actually led me to put a plan into action today, to rave reviews.

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  1. You are not alone in having the “winter blues”. I feel similarly too you! But some day winter will be over and we will all have more energy and motivation and less depression. Hang in there!

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