My colleagues are inspiring

And kind and fun.  Today I instituted office hours, where I cleared out 3 hours of my day to receive colleagues who wanted to talk tech, who had questions big and small, who wanted to learn something new.  I used to set aside Fridays myself to try new things, back when I had a Tuesday/Thursday teaching schedule.  So I decided if it worked for me, it would work for others.  And I got five takers.  And it was great.  Some people stayed five minutes, some stayed for an hour.  I learned some new things myself, which is always the fun thing about these things.  At one point, a colleague and I were exploring something together and we both kept saying, “That is so cool!”  And then she went down the hall to tell another colleague and came back and said, “Send that to all of us.  The whole department wants to use it.”  And my colleagues have great ideas to begin with, which makes it even more fun.  All I’m really doing is helping them implement their ideas.  I got some hugs today for doing some really small things which were not really hug worthy, but it was nice all the same.

And don’t even get me started on how fun and inspiring my students are.  I’m having a blast.

If any of my colleagues have stumbled upon this blog, a shout out to you.  Thank you for being a great colleague.

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