House Limbo

I might have mentioned before that we’re going through a remodel.  We’re actually adding on.  But the addition has to connect somewhere and so there’s some reconfiguring that’s happening, and that started this week.  We lost part of our bedroom; the bathroom has been gutted; and a new wall has been put in to frame up the hallway and laundry room.  It’s all going to be great when it’s done–and when I’m done freaking out about the cost.  But for now, the house is a mess.  There’s a layer of dust over everything.  All our linens and towels are in plastic tubs.  We lost a closet that stored mostly books from my dissertation days.  Those are now in bins and I have plans to sell them.  If you need English Renaissance History or Literature books, let me know.

I have little motivation to clean because a) it’s so bad, I need hours to tackle anything; and b) it’ll just get dirty again.  I’ve mopped the dining room and kitchen, and the counters get wiped down enough that for now, the dust is gone.  But the dining room floor still looks dusty.  And there’s still dust on the coffee table.  It’s going to be a month before all this is done, about a month behind schedule.  I’m hoping it will be far enough along over my spring break for me to tackle some major cleaning and decluttering projects.  One thing about shifting around stuff is that you begin to realize how much stuff you have, most of which you don’t need.  Honestly, I’d be happy to ditch most of it.  But Mr. Geeky . . . he has a way of holding onto things.  “We might need it one day.”  If we really will need it, I say, we’ll just buy it when the time comes.  I’d love to be more streamlined around here, but frankly, none of us has the energy to make that happen.  Maybe when we’re empty nesters . . . and by then, it will probably make me sad to see so little stuff around.

2 Replies to “House Limbo”

  1. I can’t even imagine continuing to stay on top of work and family in the midst of remodeling! I get stressed out when we have to recaulk the bathtub! Fortunately, the new addition will be with you long after you’ve forgotten the pain and stress of the construction experience. Hang in there in the meantime!

  2. My suggestion is, after you’ve set everything up the way you want it, to hire a cleaning service to do one really good deep cleaning to get all the dust and what not out of the house.

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