Building a program by yourself

Takes time.  I have to remember this.  I also have to remember that I’m not currently teaching the course that will be the foundation of the program.  It’s all still just on paper.  And it’s only 50% of my job.  The other 50% is also in need of some support and building, but I have colleagues to help with that.  That program is about supporting the teachers in using technology and I’ve found a pretty receptive audience for that.  There’s more to be done, and I have some ideas for that that I’m planning to implement soon.

The other program, the CS program, I’m not worried (that much) about, but still I feel like I should do something.  Here’s what I am doing so far: talking up the program with parents and kids; running a MS CS club to build interest early; running an after-school program for 4-5 graders to build interest even earlier; promoting the program through the web site, open houses, and more.  I get this feeling there’s more.  The robotics club for high school is basically run at another school and I haven’t been able to attend since winter break.  It’s mostly attended by seniors, kids I haven’t really connected with, which is not helping my cause I’m sure.  I’d like to do something club-wise for CS that’s not robotics perhaps this year, but definitely next year.  I still might have to do robotics because a) there’s some demand for it, though more demand than actual commitment; and b) we have the materials lying around.   I guess I get the feeling that if I just do the right extra thing, suddenly 14 kids will show up wanting to take CS in the fall.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what that thing is.  So I keep trying different things.  What I know for sure is that it’s just going to take time.