Happy New Year!

Apparently, last year I declared it to be the year of food. That has been somewhat true, and I ended the year eating a fabulous meal.  Of course, that led to the extra 5 or so pounds I gained last year.  So, I think this year needs to be the year of being fit.

This year has been a good year overall.  It was pretty relaxed, for the most part, and we did some pretty cool things like going to London.  It was marred by the death of my stepmother.  But her death has brought me closer to family members and reminded me that life is short. It also spurred me to do the 60-mile walk, something I plan to do again.

I got a new job this year and have spent much of the last half of the year learning many, many new things.  I’m still finding my way in my new job, and I want the next year to feel a little more comfortable.  I have really enjoyed how different the job is from things I’ve done before and yet, how much it relies on previous experience and my existing skills.  While there are parts I’m still figuring out, there have been many aspects of my job where I’ve been glad for having a variety of different experiences.  I’m hoping to be able to focus a bit more and really hone in on what needs to be done.

While I was working part-time, I enjoyed the time I got to spend with my kids.  I have tried to remain connected to them, especially to Geeky Boy, even when time is tight.  I often call Geeky Boy when I know he’s just gotten home from school, and we still do plenty as a family in our spare time.  Mr. Geeky and I could use some more time together.  We both mentioned that last night and again this morning.  So, I hope we work on that more this year.

Normally, I’m raring to go when the New Year begins.  And while I’m looking forward to 2011, I’m enjoying these last quiet days before heading back to work and school.  I hope to blog a little more in the new year, too. So, we’ll see how that goes.

What are you planning to do more or less of this year?

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