Updates Galore, and the Nook is Here

These last few days, which have been filled with meetings and planning, have had me itching to get into a classroom.  I don’t mind meetings so much, but the heart of the school is its students and the classes and I felt like I couldn’t get a handle on the place until I was in front of a class full of students.  I finally had my chance yesterday, and boy, was it fun.  I had a class full of 6th graders.  They were a lively bunch, but I was proud of myself and them as I managed to keep them quiet when they needed to be, but let them talk when they needed to.  I thought the class went really well and they are very excited about all the things they’re going to do during the class, and I am, too.  I’m thrilled by the plan I’ve come up with and though I suspect there might be bumps in the road at some point, for now I think my long-term project-based approach to getting key concepts across is going to work really well.  I’ll write more about that as we go along.

My other class did not show up.  It was supposed to be there right after the first class, and there I sat, waiting for them and so ten minutes into the class, I ran across the hall where the guy who makes the schedules sits and asked him.  He confirmed they were supposed to be there.  I asked what I should do.  He suggested going to the head of the middle school.  So I ran up to the third floor (I’m totally going to lose weight at this job), but she wasn’t there.  So I went back to the lab and typed up an email to her and to the dean of students, telling them my students were awol.  As it turned out, my students were not AWOL.  We had a special schedule yesterday that meant that my class didn’t meet.  The schedules in this place are more complicated than the President’s schedule, I’m sure.  For me, no single day looks the same.  It’s crazy.  I felt sheepish about my mistake, especially because I was a bit miffed that my students hadn’t shown up–or so I thought–and my email reflected that. But, as I later said to the head, I was bound to make a mistake at some point.

Geeky Girl is adjusting fabulously.  Though she, too, has only had one full day, she loves changing classes and is very excited about all the things she’s going to learn.  Another new student has all but one of her classes with Geeky Girl, and she’s pretty happy about that.  She’s color-coded her schedule and has organized all her binders.  It’s very cute.  Everyone who’s asked about her, I’ve told that I think she’s doing better than me.

On a non-school note, my Nook arrived yesterday.  I finally broke down and settled on the Nook, and I think I’m going to be happy with it.  I can see that it could be dangerous, though.  It’s so easy to buy books!  Talk about instant gratification.

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  1. Ah yes, the complicated schedules! In my first year, I had to create all sorts of systems so that I knew what I was supposed to be doing when.

    Sorry that you had a somewhat flustering first day, but as mistakes go, it’s much better that your students didn’t show up than that you didn’t! And, of course, you’re bound to make some mistakes along the way, and it sounds as though your first day was a success in every other respect.

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