Random thoughts loosely joined

  • Lots and lots of meetings, which are exhausting, but which, believe it or not, I’m enjoying.
  • I enjoy the meetings because the tone of them is awesome.  Positive, grateful for everyone’s hard work, honest, open.  I haven’t been to a meeting like that in ages.
  • Some of the same complications exist at my new place as existed at the old.  They’re minor.  They’re knowable, and they’re easily avoided or fixed.
  • So far, I like the people I’ll be working with most closely.  They’re smart, insightful and pleasant to be around.
  • I am struggling with names, but I’ve freely asked people who they are.  I’m starting to remember some of them.
  • I am looking forward to working on curriculum for next year
  • I have in my mind that I need to distinguish between computing and technology (something I know I’ve harped on here before).  So far, people seem to get that I’m not an expert in your day-to-day applications, that my specialty is finding appropriate technology for pedagogy and that what I teach to the kids veers more toward computing than technology.

Once the kids actually show up, I’ll have more, but that’s what’s in my head for now.