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So, you may be wondering how the FlyLady stuff is going, and the housework more generally?  No? Well, I’m gonna tell you anyway.  It’s okay, but not great.  Last week, with two nights away, I really didn’t manage any of the missions, though I did manage a load of laundry every day and mostly kept the kitchen clean, thanks to a lot of help from Mr. Geeky and the kids.  Today, I’m exhausted, and I still have a little bit of work to do for tomorrow, and I haven’t done my load of laundry.  My desk needs some work.

But, it’s not bad overall.  Mr. Geeky and I are swapping off doing the grocery shopping, which is a huge relief to know that every other week, I’m not obligated to go to the grocery store.  The house stays fairly neat, I think, because we’ve all gotten used to it being that way.

But there are some organizational issues.  Breakfast, for instance.  New Kid had actually written about ideas for breakfast, and I had suggested an egg with toast or bagel, which was my plan for breakfast, but I have not managed to make breakfast at all in two weeks.  I find myself with only a few minutes for breakfast.  I’ve managed a bagel and cream cheese and that’s still not cutting it for me.  I really need protein.  I don’t even have time for frying an egg.  It’s not like I’m rushing around in the morning, but it is true that breakfast ends up having the lowest priority.

We’re adjusting to just generally being busier.  There are after-school and evening activities, lots of homework (for all of us) on top of daily chores and duties.  So far, it doesn’t feel crazy, and if it ever were going to feel crazy, last week was the time that would happen and it didn’t.  Ask me again when I’m filling out report cards.

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  1. I have a suggestion that might work for you…

    I’m one of those people who loves breakfast food (eggs and pancakes specifically) but I can’t eat it first thing in the morning. I can eat it at 10 am, or for dinner, but not earlier. So most of my life, I just didn’t eat anything.

    A few years ago, though, I started eating a crunchy peanut butter/apple butter sandwich on whole wheat bread. The beauty of this breakfast, is that if I don’t have time to sit down and actually eat it, I can throw it in a ziplock baggy and bring it with me. And here’s another idea: for a REALLY rushed morning, you can actually make it the night before, stick it in the fridge, then throw it in your briefcase the next morning.

    Sounds like you guys are doing great with the transition!

  2. I eat a bowl of cereal on the drive to work. We do manage to feed our children (one eats instant oatmeal every morning and the other a bagel) before we leave. I’ve done Grape Nuts for a while now because they stick with me. But I just bought a couple of Kashi cereals today to try. Good luck! Breakfast is my favorite meal but during the week it’s more stress than anything else.

  3. I realized this summer that I REALLY needed to add protein for breakfast. I started making egg sandwiches. Just microwave the scrambled egg with a little milk for a minute or so, throw it on a piece of toast, and add a slice of cheddar or american (or whatever you like). It seriously takes me about 3 minutes to make. And I can wrap it in a paper towel and eat in the car.

    The secret for me was realizing I could microwave the egg. Duh.

  4. I can’t even make myself microwave the egg! 🙂 But I’m really going to make the effort this time. We have lunch really, really late, so I’m starving by the time it rolls around.

  5. I microwave eggbeaters in a mug and take that with me. It takes a little over a minute to do and if you’re ambitious you can add a little cheese or onion or mushrooms or whatever. i know you said you can’t even microwave the egg but just throwing this out as an idea. The ‘egg mug’ is totally easy to eat in the car or on the run.

  6. Well, Bryan, I just do a daily routine, much of which I’ve taken from Flylady. I get up, shower, dress, make the bed, put in a load of laundry, eat breakfast, check my calendar/email. When I get home, I do the mission for 15 minutes. I plan meals for a whole week and write them on a card or scrap of paper and put it on the fridge. I can never seem to get the “weekly blessing” done every week, but the whole family usually chips in on the weekend.

  7. I’m one of the beneficiaries of your fly-lady post…but only to the polished sink part, which I decided to stop at for a while. (LOL-the first step!) It has made a difference with my sink, and counter-space which makes me feel better organized and on top of my game. Thanks. 😉

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