Happy Labor Day

There will be no laboring around here today.  I am extremely grateful for the extra day off.  It’s been a quite productive weekend.  I got some work done around the house on both days by only spending an hour each day (Flylady still rocks).  I also did some more work beefing up my programming skills.  I’ve been writing some simple programs and am working my way up to more complex ones.  Currently, I’m working in Python, but I hope to also learn more about Processing, which I hope to teach next semester.  I teach Scratch in 8th grade and I’m thinking that I will do Scratch, Alice, and Processing in my second semester class.  So, I guess, I lied, there will be laboring today, as I will do some more programming, but I don’t really consider that work, even when it’s hard.

I also went on a 7 mile walk yesterday as part of my lapsed training for the 60 mile walk.  I plan to go a little further, maybe 9 miles, on Thursday.  The issue for me is the time.  I walked 7 miles in about 2 hours.  If, I wanted to walk more like 14 miles, that would take at least 4.  It’s hard to carve that much time out of a day.  I usually don’t feel too sore after these walks, but I know 20 miles is a whole different thing.  I’ve resigned myself to being incredibly sore after Day 1, and continuing into the next two days, but I feel pretty confident that I’ll make.  Speaking of which, I’m only $150 shy of the amount I need to participate.  If you’re inclined, drop a few bucks in the can.

I’ve also been reading Mindset by Carol Dweck.  So far, I really like it.  I’m hoping this is the last physical book I read.  I finally broke down and bought a Nook.  I went back and for the between the Nook and the Kindle for about an hour.  They are very, very similar.  They even tied in my Twitter poll.  I finally settled on the Nook, both because it was in stock (while the Kindle was out of stock), and because there were a couple of features, like lending and a color touch screen, that appealed to me on the Nook.  I’ll let you know how I like it, but I’m really looking forward to having it in my hands.

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  1. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on Dweck’s Mindset, which is a book that I’m reading as well (on my Kindle, as it happens!). I think that she’s not especially gifted at writing for a popular audience, but I trust that her psychological research is well-grounded, and I’ve been quite struck at the many ways in which I clearly demonstrate a fixed mindset, which has given me a goal to work toward in the coming year (and beyond, no doubt).

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