Happy, happy, joy, joy

Laura is demoralized.  I’m feeling luckier every day personally, but I’m seeing signs of “things are not so good” around me.  A neighbor lost a job he held for nearly 20 years.  The discount grocer around the corner is going out of business.  A guy on the corner was advertising that they’re selling off even the fixtures.  Old Navy reduced its square footage, giving over a chunk to the defunct nail salon next door.  Involvement? I’m as bad as the rest.  I do read the papers.  I pay attention to who to vote for, but I do not go to the meetings–council meetings, school board meetings, etc.  I do sometimes download the minutes.  I’m with a lot of Laura’s commenters.  I feel disempowered.  Nothing I did helped anything.  I didn’t cause nor could I prevent the financial meltdown.  My family and I have been lucky to avoid much of the fallout.   Tenure and being in a good field has saved my husband’s job.  Hard work and being in the right place at the right time landed me a job.  The real estate in our area has been remarkably resilient.  We lost money in our 401k’s but have time to rebuild them.  A lot of our money was in a basic savings account, which isn’t gaining much, but didn’t lose anything either.  We mostly lived within our means.  I feel lucky.  Really, really lucky.  And I feel terrible for people on the other side of that luck.

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  1. You described my feelings exactly when you said “I didn’t cause nor could I prevent the finanacial fallout”. That’s exactly how i feel- i can vote, read, stay educated and involved but nothing that I did or do now or in the future would change any of this. I do feel powerless and feel that life right now is just something I have to “ride” and hope for the best.Certainly I can control how i spend my money, how much I save, how fancy a car or house I purchase but I feel a LOT if not in my control at all. Kind of uncomfortable.

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