Cat and mouse game

We officially have mice.  I had noticed in my trips to the basement to do laundry, little droppings, and I mentioned it to Mr. Geeky.  He said he’d take care of it.  That was only a couple of days ago.  Over the weekend, the cat brought Geeky Boy a gift.  Ewww.  And then this morning, Geeky Girl found one in our bathroom.   And to top that off, I poured out my raisin bran this morning, only to find ants in it.  So Mr. Geeky will be going to the hardware store, acquiring various traps to manage the pests.  You know, our house has never been cleaner, but we have the worst pest problem we’ve ever had–aside from a crazy fruit fly infestation a couple of years ago.  Sigh.  Otherwise the school year is off to a great start.

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  1. I’m sorry. That stinks.

    We had a terrible ant problem this summer. Thousands of ants made their home in ours. It took weeks to correct, but I think that was because we waited way too long. Get an exterminator out pronto and you’ll be fine.

  2. Ugh. We had a mouse problem a month ago, just after we moved into the house. We only saw one–and then it was caught in a trap–but the pest control guy said there was definitely evidence of more than one. I’m hoping the landlord takes up the pest control expert’s recommendation to seal up the house a bit tighter. Apparently there are about a dozen places where mice can get in the house, mostly through the garage.

    I wish we could have a cat, but Pete is allergic to them. Ferrets are legal here, and a colleague recommended we get one of those to kill the mice. I think our 80-pound puppy would see a ferret as a snack!

    Just FYI, we tried a few different kinds of traps side by side, but the one that finally worked was the classic mouse trap.

    Good luck!

  3. In addition to sealing holes and entry cracks, peppermint oil (can get at pharmacy) dabbed in critical places (or on cotton balls) is non-toxic and will help keep future meeces away.

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