Weekend Work

For the last two years, despite having work off and on, I still had plenty of time to do things around the house, and so, during the week, when kids and Mr. Geeky weren’t around, I’d tackle some big project.  I’d clean out a closet or, as I did a couple of months ago, re-paint the living room.  Sometimes we’d all tackle something as a family on the weekend, but mostly, we reserved the weekends for fun.  I realized on Saturday morning that house projects were not going to happen during the week anymore, so I looked around the house and thought, “What needs to get done before school starts?”  Two things stood out.  One, the garden, which I’d mostly neglected all summer.  And two, that living room painting project, which turned into a living room and hallway painting project.  And, I’m happy to say, I finished both.  Geeky Girl and Mr. Geeky helped me tackle the garden, and I’ve now promised myself to spend a little time there every weekend.  And I finished the hallway, which was what was left of the painting project.  I still have some touching up to do, which I plan to tackle next weekend.  But, boy, does it feel good to not have those things hanging over my head.  Every time I walked up to the front door, I’d see the garden and bemoan its sorry state.  And then I’d enter the house, look up the stairs and think, “I should finish that.”  And now, I’ll feel a sense of accomplishment instead.

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  1. Congratulations! I’ve got several projects like that right now, and I need to prioritize them so that some of them actually get done, rather than my simply bemoaning the fact that none of them is done.

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