Update 11: Computer Fail

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Sigh.  Right now at this very moment, I am backing up my computer so that I can do what they call an “archive and reinstall.”  My iMac, only 2 years old, has started freezing up on occasion.  It happens most often if I fire up WoW, but it has happened just in the course of regular web browsing and application use.  I took it to the Genius Bar today, where, of course, we couldn’t replicate the problem.  I even fired up WoW for a few minutes.  Nada.  It generally takes 15-20 minutes before the issue occurs and then I can’t even force quit.  I have to turn the computer off.  Also, the backup isn’t working.  Time Machine can’t seem to communicate with my backup drive, so I’m manually backing up some files on another hard drive and then I’m going to try to do a full computer backup on the new (old) drive.  It’s all very frustrating.  The computer is usable as long as I don’t make it work too hard.  And if I do, it throws up its hands and gives up.

There are many and multiple error messages in my log files.  Googling any one of them gives me the answer: reinstall your software.  So I’m going to give it a go.  I’ve got 38 minutes until the last (really large) file is copied over and then I’ll back up, and reinstall.  Wait here.

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  1. Yikes! computer fails are no fun. We haven’t had any major problems in all our 12 years of computer ownership, but I guess we’re just mostly lucky (if careful — only using web-based email, never downloading forwarded files, etc… the usual). good luck with the re-installation!

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  3. The same thing happened to me with my 9 month old MacBookPro work system. It turned out that the system had been delivered with journaling turned OFF by our IT dept. It never even occurred to me to check that b/c who would deliver a system set up so dangerously?


    The repair person then did an OS upgrade to bring me up to Snow Leopard, changed my UID number so that I couldn’t transfer my files off Time Machine w/o doing some fancy things as root, and changed my user name for good measure.

    Double Grrr.

    Then I had to reinstall all my scientific software and the ITT/IDL website was having sporadic authentication difficulties the week I was trying to reinstall IDL.

    I needed that vacation.

  4. Well, I’m still in limbo. I can log in, but really can’t run much. I powered up WoW, which is the most resource intense program I have and I can’t get it to load. Takes forever for each screen and then eventually times out.

    I’m running yet another hardware test as I suspect it’s a bad RAM module. The behavior fits the description of the symptoms I’ve seen online. And a reinstall didn’t fix the problem so it is likely not a software issue. I’ve been at this now for almost 12 hours–ugh.

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  6. We just visited the Genius Bar yesterday – the WoW players at my house are offline for now, awaiting the replacement of a bad video card.

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