Well, it’s not completely done, but here’s a little tour of the lab so far.

In the back is a small group of computers where my two, yes two!, computer graphics students will meet, so I designated it the computer art corner. Underneath the art I’ve already posted, I’ll be posting student work, which is what I plan to do in all the sections of the room.

computer art

And around the corner from that is the gaming section. I’m sad this photo didn’t turn out better. I think it’s my favorite sign.


Then, there is the Internet/Communication section. That’s what 6th grade will focus on. I hope to post screen shots of their web sites.


And here is the digital storytelling section. The students will be creating a couple of videos (very simple ones given the amount of time we have). Again, I hope to grab some screen shots to put up on the wall.


And around the room, there are little surprises peeking out from various places. I plan to add a few more of these as well as a section for robotics and “digital” reading.

Robot surprise

It’s been fun, though exhausting, to do all of this. Geeky Girl helped me a lot. I don’t know what I would have done without her. I can’t wait until the kids see the results.

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