It’s official: we’ve outgrown the swim club

Well, all of us but Geeky Girl.  I joined a swim club this summer, a different one than the one we’ve joined in previous years.  The previous club was connected to Mr. Geeky’s current and my former place of employment.  It was nice, familiar, pleasant, but I got tired of seeing former colleagues.  I wanted a change.  Well, we finally went to our new club this afternoon for the first time, mostly because I was feeling guilty about not going.  I dragged Geeky Girl and Geeky Boy.  Geeky Girl was perfectly content.  There were a couple of her friends there and she went down the slide and off the diving board.  Geeky Boy: miserable.  I apologized.  We sat on the edge of the pool noting that there was no one there between the ages of say, 13/14 and 25.  1 year olds, check.  80 year olds, check.  30 and 40-something moms (and lots of dads!), check.  Lots of 10-12 year old girls. But no teenagers.  I promised not to make him go again.  And I’m thinking maybe next summer, I will cancel my membership.

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  1. I think you’ve identified a gap in the purely recreational activities for 13-18 year old. I’m starting to notice this as I see other kids starting to get a bit old for the “camp’ activities they participated in over the summer. Mine are 6 & 9, and the 9 yo is oldish, both in skills and personality. She’s also been taking these camps for a while. What I’m noting is “junior counselor positions” and counselor in training positions for the 13-18 crowd. In swimming pools, that’s not available until 16 or so, but then the 16 yo are life-guarding/teaching, or they’re not there.

    Same thing for sailing camps, gardening camps, girl scout camps. And then are “advanced” camps (theater, racing, pretty serious sports stuff, academic camps, tech camps).

    But where to teens just hang out? Our community center is trying to develop a “teen center”, but I’m not sure how well it’s going.

  2. Yeah, bj, I’m noticing that too. I worked in the summers when I was a teen, but there are no jobs around here for teens until they’re 16 and then there’s lots of competition. I was just thinking that next summer, I’m going to sign Geeky Boy up for multiple weeks of band/rock camp which he loved and then fill the rest up with something else. He just languishes around the house. Sigh.

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