Getting my bearings

Although I have tons of questions and still feel that what my job is going to really be like is somewhat of a mystery, I’m starting to feel pretty confident about what I’m about to do.  Over the weekend, I met with a former student of both mine and Mr. Geeky’s who will be teaching at a similar school–well, at the Obama’s kids’ school.  She’s in almost the exact same position I’m in in terms of developing a curriculum for HS Computer Science.  The biggest difference is that she was hired much earlier and so had the spring to talk to administrators and set a course for the coming year.  Also, she doesn’t teach middle school or do technology support, but otherwise, very similar.  Her plans for upper school computer science were very similar to mine.  It was nice to confirm that I’m not crazy. So my big mystery is knowing what course I can set for next year and what Computer Science will look like at my school.  My ideas are starting to solidify, but whether or not I’ll be able to put my ideas into action is yet to be seen. I’m floundering a bit for what role to play in all of it, how much to push my ideas, etc.  Because I don’t know the actors or the structure within which I’m going to be working.  I feel positive, if a bit befuddled, about the whole thing.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying contemplating my middle school classes.  Here is the web site I’ve constructed for all my courses.  My hope is to post student work there as well as having it be an information hub.  I might have to move my site, probably next year, to the school server, but for now, this is where it’s going to live.  As I’ve described what I’m doing to parents and teachers, they’ve all reacted in a really positive way.  I’m hoping, too, to let the teachers know what students are learning, so that they can potentially incorporate and expand on what I’m doing with them.  I didn’t get the lab decorated very much yesterday, both because my energy level was really low, and because I spent a chunk of time talking to the head librarian, also new, and with whom I share an office.  Geeky Girl has promised to go in with me today and help.  I definitely need another pair of eyes.

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