16 years and counting

Today is our 16th anniversary.  As usual, we’re just a little too preoccupied to fully enjoy it.  Since we’ve functioned on the academic calendar our whole lives, the 27th of August is always right before the beginning of school or right in the middle of it.  We often don’t get each other anything as the end of August used to also be a time of scarce funds.  In grad school days, we sometimes hadn’t been paid yet and of course, our pay kind of sucked.  This year, Mr. Geeky claims he’s gotten me a couple of small things.  And I got some just a little too pricey wine.  I had hoped to get a bottle of 1994 wine, but that’s not the kind of thing you just go out and get at the last minute–especially not in our state-controlled liquor stores. We will likely go out to dinner.  My cold is still with me, though kept in check with Dayquil and Halls.  On the one hand, I’m glad I’m not sick for the first day of school.  On the other hand, it’s too bad I’m not 100% for the anniversary.  After 16 years, though, one thing I know is that Mr. Geeky won’t mind.

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  1. Wow we got married on the same date – day and year. Happy us! We didn’t celebrate yet either; too busy on several fronts. 🙂

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