Update 7: Murphy’s Law

Besides paperwork, this has been a week of mishaps, continued issues, and missteps.  On Tuesday, the basement flooded again, taking out our hot water heater.  Thankfully, I’d had a shower before that happened.  I made an attempt to re-light the heater myself, but chickened out after I’d found the pilot light.  I had images of myself going up in flames.  Mr. Geeky was out of town until late Wednesday night.  I might get a hot shower Thursday.

Wednesday night, Mr. Geeky called me from the airport.  He couldn’t find his car and he and his students were stranded.  His plates had just expired, so he was worried he might have been towed.  A cop told him they wouldn’t do that, but that they might have moved his car for construction.  So, I went and picked him up.  The next day, he made some phone calls.  Turns out, they were looking on the wrong level.  All the levels look the same, with the same letters to indicate the area you’re in, with no indication of what level you are on, except at the exit.  I took him back to the airport to get the car, dropped him off and zipped back home.  I didn’t have my phone with me, so he couldn’t call me to tell me that his battery was dead.  Luckily, they have a guy for that, but it took him a while to find Mr. Geeky.

Meanwhile, my computer had started to flail.  Considering that I’m trying to prepare some computer science/technology courses for the fall, this was a very. bad. thing.  After some diagnostics and suggestions from the Apple forums, I’m happy to say that it’s working just fine now.

But. Still no hot water.  Someone’s coming today around lunchtime to look at it.  When I called Mr. Geeky to tell him about it, I was ready to go out and buy a new one.  That might happen anyway. Sigh.  So, let’s see–3 days without a shower.  I have washed my hair in cold water, but do not have the fortitude to put my whole body in.

And. Still having neck issues.  Trying to do my physical therapy exercises, but I need to go back to actual physical therapy.  And said issues keep me from doing too much at the computer.  I need a new chair, I think, and a keyboard drawer.  Suggestions welcome.

We joined a new pool this summer, but we’ve yet to go.  We just haven’t had the time.  Aside from the above-mentioned issues, we’ve had appointments and lessons and whatnot.  Next week gets even worse, with meetings for me and then a trip to a workshop.  Maybe August.  Sigh.

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  1. Good heavens, what an exhausting week! I hope that you’ve burned up all of the bad luck this week and that things will return to more normal luck soon.

  2. Please tell Geekydad not to feel about losing the car…that Mr. Wilson also lost a car at the airport once…it just happened to have been a leased car on the Times-News credit card. He too was looking on the wrong level. I told him, but did he listen, of course not. Miss you.

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