5 Replies to “Women in Science”

  1. Yes, it makes me insane too. I can’t stand how smug(?–you know he’s so brave, that he’s “daring” to discuss women’s potential) Tierney is regarding the gender gap.

    Even if we accept his premise (that men outscore women 4:1 in the top 0.01% of people), I don’t accept that someone in the 99.9%ile is more likely than someone in the 99.1%ile to get a doctorate or achieve tenure.

    [I hate when people cite statistics to support a valid point, and then go on to make some outlandish statement that appears to rest on the same data.]

  2. It was maddening, yes! I remember reading just the other year about countries where women positively dominate the highest levels of science. So women there are different from women here?

    Here was my post on the subject, last year: http://blog.jliedl.ca/?p=177 I’ll probably return to the topic given how idiotically repetitious Tierney’s ideas were.

  3. I agree – it makes me angry and insane. It would seem that these people are hiding their true feelings on women in their labs behind a thin veil of “scientific” evidence. In reality, studies can be skewed to show data that correlates to any opinion you may have.

    What a pity that in this day and age, there is still so much discrimination against women, and certain races.

    Let the individual’s achievements speak for themselves, and don’t hide behind a double standard!

  4. *headdesk* times eleventy. I was furious when I read it too. I’m so tired of answering to misogynists like that that I didn’t even have the energy to write anything about it.

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