Weekly Update 1: Birthday Edition

Yeah, so I couldn’t even hold back for a week.  🙂 But seriously, I think once a week will work for me.  This time of year is always insane.  My kids’ birthdays are two days apart, Geeky Boy’s tomorrow and Geeky Girl’s two days later.  There are parties to plan, family dinners to cook, and often visitors to host.  When I was working, it was even worse because it was also the beginning of the summer program I ran.  No matter how much in advance I tried to plan things, there was always a lot of rushing around at the last minute.  This year, the parties and visits are postponed a week, but we are still doing nice family dinners plus dessert on the kids’ actual birthdays.  A few years ago, I had a kind of mini-breakdown on Geeky Boy’s birthday.  Though I didn’t say so in that post, I was stressed beyond belief.  I was basically doing everything I could to minimize my work load.  My job was sucking the life force out of me and that year was the beginning of my thinking about leaving.  I had begun to cry every once in a while over stuff at work.  I also cried over stuff at home.  I had some issues.  I am much, much less stressed today.  Yes, I find this time of year semi backbreaking and yes, as usual, I’m trying to do too many things at once, but I’m stepping back from it and not worrying.  I’m making sure that we at least have a nice celebration for each kid, that they get to feel special for a day, that they know we love them.

Today, I bought herb plants and a nice box planter to hang on the deck.  I spend almost every afternoon out there, sipping on an adult beverage.  Mr. Geeky joins me when he returns from work.  I’ve almost finished painting.  I’m suffering from some pretty bad back pain that I hope will be resolved during my massage tday.  It has, unfortunately, hindered me from working too much at anything.  I am in the process of learning all kinds of new things and honing my old skills in preparation for the fall.  I’m sure I won’t accomplish everything I want to, but I’m happy with the progress so far.  Yesterday, Mr. Geeky and Geeky Girl were away at a field trip all day.  Geeky Boy and I held down the fort, but then he went off to a pool party.  I skipped dog training class so that I could relax a little, have a beer and watch tv.  Just what my back needed, quite frankly.

Next week the inlaws descend to participate in birthday celebrations.  It’s always nice to see them, but of course, preparing for the visit is a lot of work.  I’ve started the Fly Lady baby steps.  Don’t laugh.  I need someone to just tell me what to do.  My sink is ridiculously shiny, and she’s right, it made me happy.

2 Replies to “Weekly Update 1: Birthday Edition”

  1. Ha! I’m glad you’re back so quickly and, mostly, that you’re having way less stress than you used to have in the past. May it continue that way, even with the new job.

  2. I’m glad to see you too :). Today I bought an outdoor rug for our front porch, and it’s amazing how satisfied and pleased it’s making me feel. I’m imagining warm summer evenings, me and the husband out on the porch with drinks and books…..hope it’s enough to get me through the next week!

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