This week in technology

This week has seen a lot of developments on the tech front, which can be summed up as “Google is taking over the world”.  Oh, and “Facebook is evil.”

First Google:

  • the android has surpassed the iPhone in sales, and they released a new version
  • they’re working on an operating system
  • their browser, Chrome, is gaining market share rapidly
  • they announced Google tv
  • they announced fonts
  • they announced storage
  • oh, and, they’re supporting flash on mobile devices, unlike Apple
  • rumor has it they may also be working on an iPad-like device

Meanwhile, Facebook:

  • privacy concerns continue, with promises from the company to simplify the privacy settings
  • But, it was revealed today that they released private information to advertisers without the users’ permission or knowledge (as did some other sites, like Digg and MySpace)
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