Something every day

I prefer my days just to cruise along, with appropriate pauses for meals, but otherwise, a smooth ride of gliding from task to task.  But no.  Pretty consistently, especially as the school year winds down, there’s something going on every single day.  There are doctor appointments, concerts, stuff to buy for said concerts, practices, early trips to school for this that or the other.  It’s disruptive, I tell you.

One of my favorite bloggers, Minnesota Matron, asked if anyone else spends 7 hours driving their kids around.  Some days, yes.  I was telling my sister-in-law a while back that this kind of thing–driving here there and yon–drives me crazy and that I don’t have my shit together enough to make it feel like it’s just part of the routine.  I mean, I manage to make lunch for my kids 4 days out of 5, keep them clothed, and mostly clean.  Isn’t that enough?

There’s more coming, too.  This is just the beginning.  There are end-of-the-year celebrations, birthdays, and field trips in our future.  And because of the snow, school isn’t out until well past mid-June.  Sigh.

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