Retail therapy FTW

I’m not one to go shopping to make myself feel better.  In fact, I kind of hate shopping, especially now that I no longer have my 20-year-old body.  Actually, I hated shopping then, too.  But I really needed clothes.  Not that there’s anything wrong with wearing the same old thing over and over, but it was starting to wear on me.  So I spent a few hours at a nearby outlet mall, which was, I must say, kind of fun.  For one, it was outdoors, so that when I wasn’t in a store, I was meandering outside, which was much better than being in the stifled air of an indoor mall.  It was also nice to be by myself.  This was the first time I’d been shopping by myself in I don’t know how long.  Everything I’ve bought for myself lately has been picked up while shopping for one of the kids.  And they don’t give me a whole lot of time to pick stuff out.   I had alloted a certain amount of money to spend, and even though I still had some of that allotment left, I didn’t spend it because I was too worn out to try on anything more, proving I really don’t like shopping *that* much.  I’ll have to make another trip, this time with the family in tow.  When I got home, I cleaned out my closet and drawers, getting rid of the things that had been sitting there not being worn for years.  I put away my new clothes, some for work, some for play, and I felt like I’d made a fresh start. Even Mr. Geeky cleaned out his drawers (though not the closet).  Now I’m inspired to get the house into better shape this weekend.  Hooray for holidays!