Post Mother’s Day Roundup

Saturday was the end-of-year outdoor festival for Geeky Girl’s school, which I volunteered to help with as did Geeky Girl.  We were each assigned games to tend to, mine being an activity involving sugar.  Kids lined up to fill plastic tubes with multicolored sugar.  One girl, of about three, kept hovering around the table in hopes of getting a free handout.  After our shifts, we grabbed a hot dog and a drink and I headed home, leaving Geeky Girl to wander around with her friends.  Though windy, the day was beautiful.  I went for a three mile walk as part of my training and it was very nice.

Saturday evening, we went to a friend’s house for dinner.  We planned on coming home early so that I could do some fun WoW things (yes, I’m embarrassed to say this; it’s a long story).  So, we left, came home and the minute we walked in the door, the electricity went out.  So, we called our friends and said, hey, can we come back to your house.  So we did.  And we hung out for a couple of more hours.  The electricity returned just ten minutes before we arrived home–perfect timing!

Sunday, I slept in until 8:30, which I never do.  I always hope to, but then end up rousing at 7, regardless of when I went to bed.  Sigh.  I was treated to french toast for breakfast and was allowed to do whatever I wanted all day.  Mostly, I played online, though I did end up throwing in a load of laundry and doing some folding.  And I went to Geeky Boy’s soccer game.  The other parents and I talked about the wild swings of weather.  Last week, it was 90.  The week before that, freezing.  This week, freezing.  We all sat there shivering.  It was an okay game.  I think we lost.

This is going to be a busy week.  I’m finishing some things up, work wise.  And my dad is visiting this weekend.  So it was a good thing that I crashed early last night.  I feel quite well-rested and ready to tackle the week ahead.  Let’s hope that lasts.