Other things on my mind

I know the last couple of posts have been all “omg, I have so much stupid stuff to do I can’t see straight,” but I do actually think about other things outside my domestic sphere.  Here are some of them:

  • The oil spill.  It’s just awful, and I think I’ve decided that the profit motive has screwed up everything, from BP’s lack of preparation for the event to the governments oversight and response.
  • For-profit education.  The argument about for-profits used to be that their quality wasn’t up to snuff.  That’s not so much true anymore across the board.  But there are some issues with the business side, specifically the way they are handling student loans.  Watch College, Inc., read Dean Dad’s responses, and then read this article in Business Week.  For-profits fill a gap, but at what cost?
  • Facebook and Apple as evil entities.  I’m on a Mac as I speak with my iPhone plugged in.  Facebook is not currently open, but all bets are that it will be at some point.  We could add to this all kinds of other entities that basically hold monopoly power over us as consumers–cable companies, mobile phone providers, internet service providers, maybe Google?  For Apple products at least, I like the experience I get from using their products.  They generally work, and they’re fun to use.  I rarely become frustrated when using my mac or my iPhone.  The same is true of Google products, and quite frankly, a little blip is less of a problem, I’m not really paying for them (well, I am, through the use of my data, but no actual cash exchanges hands).  Facebook is not as important to me, and as I mentioned, I’m still on the fence about its practices.  Those other companies–cable, etc.–totally piss me off.  It costs an arm and a leg for phone and internet service.  I agree with DD, I want to have a selection of companies that I can buy all those things from.  So, I could go to Comcast or Verizon or another company and say, “I want internet (both home and wifi), phone (both landline and mobile), and tv for a single price that won’t kill me.”  Or I want those companies regulated like hell.  Landlines are cheap despite having a monopoly because they are regulated to a degree.  Same for the electricity.  If Facebook can be a utility that can be regulated, as danah boyd argues, then why can’t the mobile service providers?  Just saying.

Other than that, I’m mostly planning for the fall, dealing with household crap, carting kids around.  What a life!

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  1. Yep, Jim, I have those same fears. I think that too many people don’t pay attention, and I think there are too few avenues to make complaints against these strategies.

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