My typical approach to a week is to front-load it.  I do more from Monday-Wednesday than I do Thursday or Friday.  I used to lament the fact that I hit Monday with both feet running and that by Thursday, I was worn out.  But then, I thought, who cares.  I get the same amount done, I just don’t spread it out.  This week, and the next couple are packed.  The kids’ birthdays are coming up and we still haven’t really planned what we’re going to do.  So that’s on the list.  I have some house projects I put off while I was in the interview process that I’d like to finish in a week or two.  I’ll be volunteering at Geeky Girl’s school this week for which I need to pick up materials.  I now have job-related stuff to do.  I have summer plans to make and confirm.  I’m also training for the 3-Day (today, 5 miles), and I need to continue fundraising for that. I’m working on a big plan for fundraising that I’m very excited about (because it’s kind of geeky), but that will also take some time.  And things fall out of the sky all the time.  I find out about events or projects for the kids at the last minute. Sigh.  I think I’ll be able to breathe in late June with little breaks on the weekends.  Until then, I’m plugging away.

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    1. I thought this post was going to be about a new washer:-).

      I have the same experience–I’m much more productive on Monday/Tuesday than later on in the week. I need to work on that but I’m not sure exactly how….

      I think it might be sleep related–I get more sleep on the weekend (at least some of the time). Maybe this means I should try napping!

    2. I wish it were a new washer! 🙂

      I can’t nap for some reason, but I think you must be right about that. Also, I tend to do very different things on the weekend–watching soccer, doing yard work, just hanging out–that I think it gives my brain a rest.

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