Joe Sestak
Image by lorda via Flickr

Yesterday was Pennsylvania’s primary and I’m happy to say that a) for the first time in years, I didn’t have to work and b) my guy won.  The last senate primary, in 2006, my guy lost.  This time, not so.  Joe Sestak beat out Arlen Specter.  Although Specter has been a republican, I’ve actually liked some of what he’s done, especially during the Bush years.  He looked positively liberal back then.  And it wasn’t so much his politically motivated switch to the democratic ticket that made me vote against him, but that I really like Joe Sestak.  He’s been our congressional representative and I was actually at the event many years ago that launched his original congressional campaign.  He brought me a hoagie when I was working the polls.  He’s been a proponent of health care reform and a supporter of labor (despite not winning their endorsement).  He’s not perfect.  No politician is, but I think he’ll do a good job.

I always thought of Specter as a statesman, as someone who truly did feel that he was being of service to the people (until this last move of his, I guess).  I respected him for that even when I disagreed with his point of view.  I think Sestak is on that same track of becoming the consummate statesman rather than a self-serving politician.  I’m not too idealistic not to realize that there’s some politicking that goes into a campaign and into serving as a senator, but I get the feeling that Sestak tries to minimize that.  November is far away and coming too soon.  I’m crossing my fingers.