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  1. Here’s what’s killing me today: Why did BP have to hire 700 ships to help with the oil cleanup? Don’t we have a navy? I don’t mean to remove blame from BP but where is the federal response here?

    To try and relate this to geekiness, surely the navy has some cool technology that could help here. Why is this a private venture? It reminds me of the Battle of Falkirk when the Brits had to enlist private yachts to help with the evacuation.


  2. Whoa! 700. I suspect the Navy is otherwise occupied in things we don’t even know about. Sigh. Plus, perhaps the administration is forcing the issue of getting them to take responsibility. And, as for technology, I heard on Rachel Maddow that the oil companies probably do have the technology to help with the cleanup and capping, but that regulators and government officials don’t and so there’s a problem with communication, i.e. the dept of the interior or the navy doesn’t have access to that technology. Or some such. Frustrating all the way around.

  3. Yep, been where you are dearie ;). When I get that way, I do something brain-active but non-creative, like playing a game, & let things just simmer at the back of mind. When I’m ready to focus again, well, I usually just know it’s time. So here’s my two cents: just have a fun day & don’t stress out about it. That’s exactly what you should be focusing on ;).

  4. I think they hired fishing boats because it’s a lot harder to position those inflatable barriers from off the sides of a cruiser than off the sides of a fishing boat. You need to be able to have lots and lots of people fiddling with rubber across wide distances. Ditto with whatever you might use to soak up the oil.

    Plus, all those fishers have had to stop fishing. This is the time when shrimpers make 50-75% of their annual income. I don’t think they’d thank anyone if BP gave the money to the navy instead of to them. At some level, giving them the work helps blunt their fury.

    I’m fretting about my inability to write. I cannot settle myself enough to string together a paragraph to save my life.

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