Weekend update

It was both a relaxing and busy weekend.  On Friday night and Saturday morning, I was able to spend some quality time with WoW, which I hadn’t done in a week.  Thanks to some crappy Internet service (hello, Comcast), the experience proved somewhat challenging.  Seriously, it goes down about every hour.  What am I paying for again?  Talk has begun about switching.

After that, I started painting the living room.  I spent three hours and got approximately 2 walls done.  I will be continuing the process today.  When I’m done, I’ll give you the before and after shots.

Soccer began on Sunday.  Thanks to overlapping game times, Mr. Geeky and I split off and each attended a game.  Spring soccer is “less intense” than fall, but it also means that the players aren’t as good.  That’s a good thing generally, but both Geeky Girl and Geeky Boy are pretty good players.  I’m hoping they don’t get frustrated with it.

And, I’m not allowed to say too much about this, but let’s just say that girls have entered our lives and there has been much texting and driving around to various places around town.  FSM help me now.

2 Replies to “Weekend update”

  1. Oooooh! girls! A few years from now it’ll be boys. Oh dear. I’m HATING Comcast service too. Good thing we’re moving and hopefully will be able to get fiber optic (if available — although I HATE Verizon, the fixed contract thing especially). I’m sure you have more options living in the city, ’cause we’ll be moving to the boonies ;-).

  2. P.S. Can’t wait to see B&A photos! I <3 home improvement projects. Gotta post our extensive ones to the blog before we move from here.

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