Pulled in many directions

I almost titled this post “Mondays Suck,” but I decided that might get me off on the wrong foot.  And maybe just by mentioning it, I’ve already jinxed the day.  Sigh.  It’s cold and wet and rainy, which does not help matters much.  This weekend was evenly split between crazy busy and complete sloth.  On Saturday, there were soccer tryouts and training walks and then preparing for guests to come over for dinner.  Sunday, the rain caused the cancellation of our normal back-to-back soccer games, and so collectively, we all decided to stay in our pj’s.  Aside from the kids doing some kitchen cleanup, and my making brunch, we did stay in our pj’s, watching tv and playing on the computer.  I finally put clothes on around 3 in the afternoon.  It was awesome!

And then 6 a.m. this morning came too soon.  There are many things I want/need to do today, and I’m still sorting out exactly what and in what order.  There’s writing, working on some job things, painting, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and kid carpooling.  And I think this is why I feel so anxious this particular Monday.  Especially after such a slothful day, being faced with so many things to do, some of which I can’t not do, just feels overwhelming.  But I’m formulating a plan.  Normally, I write for at least two hours in the morning.  Today, I’m cutting that to one hour.  Then I need to walk the dog, and after that, I’m going to go get more paint.  Then, I will paint, have lunch, and after lunch, do laundry and cleaning.  After that, I will tackle some job-related activities while I wait for Geeky Boy to come home.  Later, I have to pick up Geeky Girl, who is auditioning for chorus and she’s agreed to go to the grocery store with me.  By the time we get home, it will be time for dinner.  This is the life of a stay at home parent, in case you’re wondering.  Always pulled in multiple directions.  Some days are more packed than others, but most days, you have to be prepared for the unexpected.  You never know when a kid will need to be retrieved or a spill needs to be tended to.   And it doesn’t actually suck.  It’s just sometimes not that fun.