On the job front

I spent several hours yesterday touching up my resume, writing a cover letter, digging through job listings and school web sites.  There were no actual jobs posted in areas that I was qualified/interested in, but two places just suggested sending resumes directly.  So, that’s where I’ll start.  As I turned to the higher education listings, I saw a couple of jobs in my field nearby.  Both were interesting on the surface.  One was at a school that catered to adults returning to school, and that seemed interesting to me.  But then I looked at the course load.  Five courses a semester.  And the other job, four courses a semester.  Plus research. Plus service.  And I sighed.  I just can’t do that.  I know how much work I’d put into class prep and grading, and I’d want to do some research, at least attend/present at conferences if nothing else.  And so, I know I’d feel overwhelmed pretty quickly.  And so I wrote full-time college teaching off my list of possibilities.  Maybe if I’d started back before kids or when the kids were young (and *I* was young), I’d feel more like I could do it.  But being as familiar as I am with the way higher ed works and my own work habits and commitment to students and institutions, I know that I’d be putting in 60 hours a week easily.  That’s not doable for me personally or for my family.

Part-time college teaching still appeals as do administrative jobs in higher ed.  And high school teaching, while nearly as demanding as college teaching, has enough of a balance for me to make it worth it.  No research requirement.  Plenty of time off.  Small classes (looking at independent schools), and the likelihood of being home most afternoons to meet my own kids.  Not to mention no working in the summer.  The thing is, there are things I can outsource if my income increases–housework, house repair–but there are lots of things I can’t.  Spending time with the kids, making sure they get their homework done, being at soccer games, taking them to friends’ houses, going on field trips.  There were times when I worked full time when I couldn’t do those things.  I skipped soccer games to work on my dissertation, for example.  Often, neither Mr. Geeky nor I could make it home to be with Geeky Boy after school and he frittered away his time and fell behind in school.  I don’t want to go back to that.  So I’m being careful.  I think I’ll find the right thing eventually.  And though it’s not an employee’s market, I’m lucky that I can afford to be a little choosy (for now).

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  1. I hear you on these posts about jobs and motherhood. I’ve been thinking lots and lots about your post & comments regarding parents that quit full time work when kids are in middle school and what Laura (11D) wrote too. And I guess I know that I’ll always want part time jobs to be able to keep up with my boys. At least before K gets tenure — but even after he does he might still be working more than he does now, let’s see. I’m glad that you can be “choosy” too…

  2. I have found teaching at an independent high school to be the right fit for me, both in terms of my career needs and also in terms of work-life balance. Let me know if you want to talk more about it.

  3. Jackie, thanks for your comment. I may, indeed, take you up on your offer to find out more. I’ve got a couple of leads and have sent off a couple of resumes and cover letters and hope to send more out soon.

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