Moving on

So, the voices are gone now, hooray!  We spent the morning touring a potential school for Geeky Girl.  It was, I must say, a really nice experience.  And she thought so too.  We shall see what happens.  It’s late in the application period.  We’ve been back and forth on it quite a few times and if it doesn’t happen this year, there’s always next year.

After the tour, I headed over to *$ with my laptop and did some reworking of a couple of sections.  I made it to the end of the 2nd big section.  Hooray!  So that made me feel pretty good.  The next section is messier in parts, so I think it’s going to take more work, but I feel like I’m making actual progress.

I’m feeling much more like life is just going to fall into place however it is, and that I can do what I can, but there’s a lot I don’t have control over.  I can work hard, follow my passions, be honest with myself and others, and that’s really all I can do.  Something will come of it.

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  1. Laura,

    Yours is one of the first blogs I’ve looked at in over a month, and I felt I could have written the latest two posts. I’m glad you are going forward with the writing. I think that all writers hit a place of despair with the work and themselves doing the work–repeatedly–but then we go on because, as you say, that’s all we can do. I like Camus’s take on Sisyphus rolling the boulder up that mountain and having it race back down the mountain every time he hits the top, and his knowing that it will happen. Camus says we have to find the joy in the absurdity, in the rolling itself—in the writing, then, and the caring for family and friends, and trying to make a difference and being okay with it because the doing is enough (as long as we can, of course, also earn the money we need to earn to support our family).

    Coming from academia we are so tempted to judge ourselves according to some criteria of success and failure that really is hollow in the end, I’ve come to think. A few years ago I never would have dreamed that I’d be launching a venture that involved cooking and gardening–it would have been unthinkable, a real tumbling off the pedestal. Now I’m just plain old having the time of my life because I’ve finally dared be deeply creative and true to my abilities.

    I hope you find that same equilibrium… your kids are young yet, so that makes it more challenging, but you are one gifted, smart, creative, caring woman, and so I bet you’ll find the joy in rolling that boulder…


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