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Back at the beginning of the year, I posted a list of jobs I might have done in an alternate universe.  Sommelier was on the list as was restaurant critic.  As I’ve been digging and looking more closely at jobs ads, there are some real, live, non-fantasy careers that I think I would have been good at that seem to also have plenty of listings.  Development is one of them.  I see these jobs all the time for non-profits and educational institutions.  I actually did a fair amount of fund raising when I was in college for one of the clubs I was in (and eventually led), but never took it beyond that.  I was pretty good at it, actually, even in my lackadaisical college days.  And I kind of liked it.  I also did some work with the development people at my former institution and always liked working with them.  Sadly, I now have zero experience in that area.

Sommelier is still on my list as a kind of fantasy job and I actually did a search for something along these lines today.  I thought it’d be fun to work in a winery or a brewery.  Nothing really came of that.

It’s sometimes fun to think about what I might do if I didn’t just take a side step, but a giant leap in another direction.

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  1. When I moved to Montana I figured there was no way I’d find a job in tech/higher ed. I decided I’d go work at one of the local breweries slinging drinks and gradually learn the ropes. It’s a lot of chemistry (which I love) and, oh, you have to like beer (I can do that, too).

    Then a job fell into my lap that was a bit more up my alley.

    I wonder sometimes how different my life would be if I’d taken that drastically different path. Or, perhaps it was a ridiculous fantasy to begin with. Sigh. I’ll never know.

  2. I wouldn’t completely rule out development..I’ve heard of higher-ed dev roles where they are looking for/using social media/emerging tech to engage younger alumni, donors, etc.

  3. My sister and my daughter-in-law are both career development people. My sister for almost 25 years in various places, and with Vanderbilt graduate degree in the area, and the daughter-in-law at High Country News, a regional news magazine for the past 8 years. Both have many stories about the horrible pressure … to meet a goal, to perform a miracle (pull the organization out of a hole). In short, all sounds very stressful.

  4. Well, hey, George! And yes, I know a lot of it is stressful. But I also did sales for a while. Apparently, I’m okay with that. 🙂

  5. Don’t limit yourself to job ads–woo some of the local wineries and breweries with your special skills, and then gradually learn industry-specific skills from them.

    (This comment is brought to you by too many readings of What Color is Your Parachute?)

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