How technology, especially video games, is ruining us all

I have a Google search feed with the key words “video games education” in it because I have an interest in the use of video games for learning.  What I find interesting, however, is that a certain portion of articles that come through this feed are not about that, but are about how video games are terrible in multiple ways.  Among recent titles and pull-out quotes are these:

  • With technologies such as the Internet, video games, television and iPods, it’s difficult to get together and spend some time with your family.
  • Texting, video games, iPods, and Facebook have replaced playing, daydreaming, reading, and creating.
  • US: Women gain in science while video games hold back boys
  • I think alot [sic] of teacher really are doing there [sic] job but the parents got to get involve more instead of letting those kids watching tv,playing video games,etc
  • Besides, they have a BETTER WORK ETHIC than a lot of lazy, ENTITLED American children with their video games, ipods, cell phones, and tvs in their rooms.

That last is from a comment on a protest by NJ teachers, who are potentially going to be laid off as a result of some severe cuts to education that Gov. Christie is proposing.  I couldn’t find the comment he/she was responding to, but it’s pretty easy to guess what the substance of it was.

There’s a whole “kids these days” kind of tone to many of these articles, blaming them for their immersion in technology, sometimes blaming the parents.  I was kind of glad to see tv thrown in there a couple of times, because often people regard television watching as superior to spending time online.  I’d rather my kids play an online game for an hour than watch some of the stuff that’s on tv.  Even though these articles are not what I’m looking for, I find they provide an interesting perspective on the portrayal of video games in the media.

And yes, I know it’s WoW Wednesday and I’ve been remiss in posting.  I promise two more posts today, actually, a WoW one, and an exciting review.  Stay tuned!

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  1. It seems to me that a lot of the criticisms of video games and spending time online aren’t completely true. My family has tons of fun playing Wii together(more fun honestly than playing Monopoly or Life or one of the other traditional games). My daughter and I enjoy Farmville as a shared interest- we share tips, exchange “gifts” for our farms etc. I think these activities are bringing our family together. And yes, there are times when three of us are sitting there each watching YouTube on our individual laptop- maybe not great family time, but a little more together than each of us watching tv in a different room of the house.( and we do tend to share fun internet finds with each other!)
    Seems like now everyone views video games and internet surfing the way tv was viewed when I was growing up. It was going to ruin our brains and the world! And guess what, we all grew up and got jobs and raised families anyway.

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