Finding work

Much of today was spent sending off resumes and cover letters to places that aren’t even hiring. Now, I know that this is generally a bad strategy. I used to teach a whole class on this kind of thing. But when you want a particular kind of job and there are a limited number of places to apply to, then, well, it kind of makes sense.

The way I’m job hunting is quite different from how I did it seven years ago. Yes, we had the internets. And sites like the Chronicle had most of their jobs online. And there were other sites to peruse for jobs. But I spent a lot of time going to each school’s web site looking to see if something new was posted. And while I still do that just to make sure and/or to find out more about where I’m applying, most listings come to me through either email or an RSS feed. And, most places insist on their applicants applying online, often through a third-party application system. I can’t tell you how many forms I’ve filled out online. Add to that that I’m not exactly a typical candidate and these forms can get a little hairy.

So, it’s been interesting. In some ways, it’s easier in that, using some good keyword searching and subscribing to the right sites, job openings are easy to find. But the application process is a bit tedious. Even though I’m a fan of technology, I kind of enjoyed printing my resumes and cover letters out on nice paper and mailing them off the old fashioned way.