Back to reality

We arrived back home yesterday around lunch time.  The dog was ecstatic to see us.  We unloaded the car, called Mr. Geeky and reacquainted ourselves with our house.  I made a trip to the hardware store and the grocery store.  Because the weather was so nice, I planted my herbs in little pots I’d just bought and started cleaning up the driveway.  Afterwards, I spent one last free moment reading outside with a glass of imported Scotch ale I’d picked up on our trip.  It was a thoroughly pleasant way to unwind.

6 a.m came quite early this morning, but we all managed to get ready and out the door relatively quickly.  Geeky Boy did forget his lunch, but otherwise, it was a smooth morning.  Today, I begin “operation income.”  As I’ve said many times before here, we’re not hurting financially, but we are limited by my not having an income to speak of.  I have several irons in the fire that I’ve basically let cool off too much.  So, I’m reheating those efforts.  I am finishing the book this week if it kills me.  I’m also going to do some more writing in this venue, which I’ve only managed to contribute to once a month or so.  And I’m going to see if I can make anything out of the business again.

But, I’m also looking at more traditional routes for producing income, i.e. a real job.  I’m open to all kinds of things, though my experience points mostly to teaching, and I enjoy that work so that is likely where my efforts will be focused.  However, I’m open to working in cultural institutions, writing, or working locally.  Basically, I’m looking at this as an opportunity to learn, not just as a way to make money.  I’m open to doing something completely different.  I’ll keep you posted on the possibilities and results.

Meanwhile, here’s some pictures of Gracie, who apparently does not like Easter:

Gracie "playing" with the bunny.
The aftermath

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  1. It looks like Gracie LOVES Easter – or at least stuffed bunnies! I always consider it a success when the pets have wrecked their toys within the first day. 🙂

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