WoW Wednesday: Raid Tanking vs. Dungeon Tanking

I’ve actually not played WoW for a few days.  Life’s been busy and I just haven’t gotten back to the game.  I’ve been tanking more lately due, in part, to a lack of tanks in the guild.  In fact, when it came time to buy a shiny new piece of gear, I opted to get a tank piece rather than a dps piece.  I still feel pretty awkward at it most of the time, but I’m getting a lot better.  I was telling someone the other day that I felt like I was better at raid tanking than dungeon tanking and shortly thereafter, proceeded to fail pretty badly as a tank in a raid.  It was my fault mostly as I forgot to set some things up for tanking (frost presence, for example).  But, in general, I usually do slightly better tanking a raid.

In a raid, there are generally fewer groups of mobs the way there are in dungeons.  Groups are my nemesis as I sometimes have a hard time getting them all to attack me instead of the other members of the party.  This is especially hard when there are people in the group with super fantastic gear and dps numbers.  Mobs tend to want to attack those people immediately.  In raids, too, you get another tank, someone to help with all of that, so that when you do have groups, each tank has a task to accomplish, keeping mobs under control.  Raids tend to focus on single, hard to kill mobs, and those, I’m pretty good at, most of the time.  The difficulty for me comes when there’s a strategy involving moving around a lot or other special tasks.  It just takes me a bit longer to get the coordination and the timing down.  I’m 42, remember.  So, three tries into a hard boss that requires kiting in a circle or taunting off of the other tank, I’ll get it.  And I’ll get it the next time also, once I’ve figured out the strategy.  I have to actually do it to understand it, get that physical memory in my fingers.  Watching a video or reading a strategy helps, for sure, but I’m not going to be able to do anything the first try.  That may frustrate the teenagers, but it’s fine by me and my guildies most of the time.

I like being able to help out the guild, and I as get better and get better gear, I am enjoying tanking more.  It has definitely stretched many of my abilities, both in game and out of game.