WoW Wednesday: Don’t Panic

And always carry a towel.  That’s my new mantra.  I’ve noticed that when I’m healing, even when things get a little scary, I don’t panic.  I just calmly try to rectify the situation.  Sometimes, I let the mage die.  As long as the tank and most of the dps lives, I’m good.  I find the whole process much more enjoyable when I’m not in panic mode.  Even if someone gets mad at me, I’m cool as a cucumber.  I’ve carried this over to tanking, which I’ve returned to doing since our guild is often short of tanks.  I’m still not as good as a lot of tanks I’ve seen, but being calm really helps.  Panicking when a mob gets loose doesn’t help as you’re not able to think clearly about what to do.  By remaining calm, I can usually fix problems before they get out of hand and I enjoy myself a lot more than if I’m thinking, “Crap, crap, crap! Where’s the runestrike button?”  I like the contrast of a situation where things around you are chaotic–mobs everywhere, the mage is taking damage, and the tank is on the verge of going down–and a calmness internally.  When the mobs finally go down, the tank survives, and even the mage doesn’t die, it feels really good.

I’ve tried to carry this feeling over into my physical life by remaining calm in the face of stressful situations.  I don’t have too many of these, thankfully, but when I feel overwhelmed, I try to draw on that feeling I have in WoW, where I’m calming taking down mobs or healing the tank.  I think that other players could learn a thing or two from this inner calm I’ve tried to maintain.  Those players who get really angry when they die or if someone makes a mistake should just relax.  They’ll have more fun themselves and they’ll make the game more fun for others.  I’ve found that when I exude my serenity through chat by telling people not to worry about mistakes or telling them it’s okay that they aggroed an extra mob that the whole group feels more relaxed.  I know, I sound a little hippy dippy, but you know what, I’m having fun and I think I’ve learned something important.

And the towel? Comes in handy when you spill water near the keyboard.  Just saying.