They say it’s my birthday!

My friend, Laura, and I would play this at full volume on our respective birthdays. I was a huge Beatles fan in high school. Mostly everything I really, really liked music wise was from the 60s and early 70s (Led Zeppelin, The Doors, etc.). But I liked the Beatles because no one else my age really did. People would get in my car, hear The White Album in the background and roll their eyes. But who doesn’t love The Birthday Song, really.

And here’s another Beatles song that makes me smile, from the movie, Across the Universe:

It is indeed a sunny day today. Finally. After days of gray and rain, it’s supposed to be just lovely the rest of the week. Mr. Geeky is out of town starting this evening through tomorrow, but we’re having lunch as soon as the basement cleaning people show up. The basement is dry-ish now. My plan is to get it cleaned and then get it waterproofed again. Water is coming in from somewhere. . .

On the dog front, Gracie has developed some cute and not-so-cute behaviors. On the cute front, we’ve taught her to sit, which she now does spontaneously in hopes of treats. She’s also a real Hopper. She’s named after Grace Hopper, but she can leap from sofa to bed and back again like a rabbit. I think doing some agility stuff with her (jumping over hurdles) would be fun. Yesterday, I took a bubble bath and the bubbles freaked her out. She barked at them. And then, she jumped into the bathtub while it was draining, and rather than jump back out, she barked at the bubbles. Crazy. Her worst behavior so far has been nipping/biting at us when she’s playing. Sometimes she gets so worked up that she bites, we correct and then she barks and runs in circles. These are not hard bites usually, but she doesn’t know her own strength and we’re trying to keep her from doing it by making a loud noise and then not playing with her and/or redirecting her to her toys. The latter seems to work better. But we certainly don’t want her biting. And we’re still having some house training issues, but mostly she’s good on that front.

Though I mostly plan a regular day–laundry still needs to get done, after all–I’m mostly hanging out and relaxing and appreciated being at the age of the meaning of life (my favorite number).

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  1. Happy birthday and you’re doing the right thing with the dog. It takes time and the nipping behaviour might still resurface when Gracie’s excited as it does with Goldie, our Sheltie.

    Glad to hear the basement is drying. What a bloody annoyance!

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