The Rug-rat Race

I’m not alone, apparently, in feeling the pressure to put my kids through the paces to get them into a good school.  This article explains that much of the increase in childcare over the last 20 years despite a decrease in the amount of time most women can dedicate to childcare is about college admissions.  While the number of students eligible to attend college has increased, the number of slots available has not increased at the same rate, and likely at an even lesser rate at elite schools, who often don’t want to increase enrollments or risk losing the quality of education.  Thus, there’s an increase in competition among students qualified for those elite schools.  And that competition begins early.

Apparently, though, the pressure only applies to the parents.  Geeky Boy says he knows no one who’s overly concerned about getting into college.  Keeping their grades up, sure.  Building their portfolios, not so much.

3 Replies to “The Rug-rat Race”

  1. ” Geeky Boy says he knows no one who’s overly concerned about getting into college. Keeping their grades up, sure. Building their portfolios, not so much.”

    Lucky Geeky Boy. That’s not so true around our neck of the woods. I drove home the carpool w/ two 7th graders yesterday, and their conversation turned to which high school they were going to. Then, they started discussing classmates, and their choices, and academic abilities. It wasn’t competitive high pressure stuff, but they were definitely not oblivious.

  2. Yeah, I had assumed that there were conversations like that, but there really aren’t. He hangs with a group of kids who are definitely going to college, but they’re not aiming for the Ivies. Nearby liberal arts colleges, state schools, all those are on their radar.

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