Spring Break

I am on spring break with the kids.  We headed down to Tennessee to visit with family.  The drive was mostly uneventful.  It rained and then cleared up and then got cloudy and cold again.  We spent the night on the road and fell asleep watching tv (or at least I did).

We arrived early-ish for us and since my dad was off at work, we decided to go entertain ourselves.  So I took the kids to the mall. To the arcade.  Because that’s basically what there is to do around here.  Which is exactly what there was to do around here when I was their age.  They’re tired of hearing me talk about that though.  I keep saying, “Wow. There was nothing here when I was a kid.  And that used to be . . .”  They’ve already told me to quit at least once.

Today, we’re planning to stop by my future sister-in-law’s house and help paint or clean and/or other manual labor.  She closed on it on Monday and they start the process of moving at the end of April.  She, too, is on spring break, spending her time scraping wallpaper.  She says she keeps seeing other things she wants to do.  I said that never ends.  We are also going to go play mini-golf while my dad plays real golf.  It’s supposed to be in the mid-70s this afternoon.  I also need to buy some shoes at some point and one nice thing about the development around here is there is at least some decent shopping.

Geeky Boy got a new phone just before our trip and it includes unlimited texting.  So guess what he’s been doing a lot of?  Last night, however, he was playing around with the security settings and locked himself out and now we have to go buy him a new sim card.  Sigh.  We don’t need to go to exotic places to have interesting adventures.  Not when you have a teenager with you.

More reports from the trip to follow.  If small town life doesn’t interest you, come back next week.

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  1. I just got back from hearing David Walsh talk about the teenage brain and parenting (he wrote Why Do They Act That Way?–have you read it? I liked Walsh’s book on saying no; haven’t actually read the brain book yet but his talk was a simultaneously reassuring and worrying look at the ways teen brains are wired (lots of emotion/not so much regulation in the prefrontal cortex). So funny to come back and see a teenager story at the top my feed.

    enjoy your trip.

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