Meet Gracie

In case you’re not following me on Facebook, here’s the latest addition to our family, Gracie. She’s a tiny little thing and yet, the cat is still in hiding. We think she’s a mix of Italian Greyhound and Bichon-Frisse. But we don’t know. We went to 4 or 5 different shelters looking for just the right dog. We ended up visiting our most local shelter one more time on Saturday and saw Gracie. She had just come off hold (waiting to see if anyone claimed her), so she hadn’t been there on Friday when we visited.  We took her out for a little walk around the grounds of the shelter.  She was very spunky, very excited, but not insane.  She barked a little at some other dogs, but mostly in a “hello” kind of way.  We had a dog who would go insane when she saw other dogs.  So, we decided to take her home.

At home, we’ve had a few house training issues, but not much.  And last night, no accidents at all, so I think she’s figured out where she’s supposed to go potty.  She has a couple of toys, her favorite being a llama that she likes to make squeak.  She’s actually a pretty calm dog and is content to sleep in someone’s lap when nothing else is going on.  We have some leash issues.  She’s a puller, but we’re hoping to work those out, too.  We’d also like to teach her to sit and stay and other basic things.  Our last dog was not particularly well behaved, having grown up while we were in grad school and had little time to tend to her.  I’m hoping to have a slightly better behaved dog.  So far, she’s managing just fine.

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  1. She looks like a real sweetheart!

    I’ve had friends adopt rescue greyhounds — they said they were the most mellow dogs they’d ever owned. She’s lucky to have a good home!

  2. The best way to deal with the pulling that I have found is a product call ‘Gentle Leader’. They are available in pet stores. Our lab would just about yank your arm off if he saw another dog while on a walk. With the Leader he’s a perfect gentleman 99% of the time. It’a a miracle worker. The nice thing about it is that the dog corrects themself, it doesn’t hurt them in any way and when they resume good behavior the discomfort immediately go away.

  3. She’s adorable! For the pulling, we’ve had great luck with the Easy Walk Harness – the trainer who ran our basic obedience class recommended it. We adopted our shih tzu/maltese mix last summer and had basically the same set of challenges you do. He’s settled in beautifully, though, and can now even be trusted off-leash at the beach (as long as I have high-value treats with me).

  4. What a cutie! She’s lucky to have found you.

    I’ve seen a ton of dogs stop pulling thanks to the Gentle Leader that Mike mentions. It hasn’t worked for Obi, as he has transferred his forward energy into vertical energy. . .

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