Geeky Girl has decided to start a business.  This is in part a reaction to the book I got her while I was away, A Smart Girl’s Guide to Money.  In it, there are ideas for businesses to start, like babysitting or dog walking, and an explanation of profit.  So, Geeky Girl spent the better part of yesterday trying to decide what business to start and then calculating her profit.  She figured out how much her supplies would cost, set a price for her product and then determined her net profit.  She then hired Mr. Geeky and offered him a 10% cut.  And she’s giving me a 10% cut to go towards my walking fund.  I’m pretty impressed that she’s gone to so much trouble already.  Her business? Selling cookies.  So, last night, she got out cookbooks, selected a couple of recipes, and made a shopping list.  She also made a sign to put on her booth.  The plan is to set up at the street corner.  I’m hoping at the very least to keep that entrepreneurial spirit alive.

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  1. That is too cool! I totally want to get that book for my daughter now… even though she’s 2. I can always save it for later :).

  2. Good for Geeky Girl. We’re in the midst of selling girl scout cookies around here. I was pretty opposed (I’m the troop leader) and resisted passive aggressively. But, some of the other moms wanted to do it, and we’re doing it. It has been a lovely learning experience. Their even having to deal with a parallel of the Toyota recall (well, except that the lemon creme cookies don’t accelerate leading to a fiery death. They’re just not yummy). But, there was a news report about a GS cookie recall, and so now they’re having a tough time selling the lemon cremes.

    They’re learning to keep track of their money & stock.

    I love that your daughter is actually making cookies — has she priced out all the ingredients & labor? That’s always an eye-opener.

  3. bj, she did price out all the ingredients, but not the labor. We did discuss things like minimum wage, though, so if she hires someone, she can figure that out. 🙂

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