Conversations at bedtime

Geeky Girl:  I need someone to help me.

Mr. Geeky: With what?

GG: Well, there’s something in the hallway.  I think it might be throwup.

All: Ewwww!

MG: Well, clean it up.

GG: I can’t.

MG: Yes, you can.  Just get a rag or something and scoop it up.

All: Ewwww!

GG: I don’t think I can scoop it up.

MG: What do you mean? Of course you can.

GG: I don’t think it’s scoopable.  It’s liquid.

All: Ewww!

GG: And it’s purple.

At this point, I just doubled over laughing.  These are words you do not want to hear just before bedtime.

GG: Mom? Mom? Are you okay?

After I recovered from laughing, I went upstairs to investigate the alien vomit.  Turns out, it was a splash of berry yoghurt from smoothies Geeky Boy has been drinking. Yes, I smelled it.

GG: Mom, I have never seen you laugh that hard.

Me: Well, I’ve never been told that I needed to help clean up something liquid and purple before.

Parenting. Always full of new levels of grossness.

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