Basement update

I tackled the worst of the problem, basically clearing a path to the washer and dryer, which, thankfully, did not get wet.  I tried calling my insurance company and spent an hour on hold twice before I gave up.  So, yesterday, I decided I was just going to do it myself and headed to Home Depot this morning to get supplies.  But then, after an hour of cleaning out molded drywall, I decided I just couldn’t do it myself, so I called two people to come out and give me an estimate on cleaning it and one arrives in half an hour.  I’m waiting to hear back from the other.  And, I finally got through to my insurance company.  I have no idea if they’ll cover the damage, but at least the claim is in.  Now, I have to go make a list of the damaged items.  Really hate, hate, hate dealing with this and just wish the fairy would come and make it all better.

2 Replies to “Basement update”

  1. I hope it doesn’t cost too much and, also, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the insurance will pay for some or all of the damage. Now, as for the fairies… yeah, I also wish I had some fairies to help us get the house ready to be on the market ASAP! We were very thankful that our basement flood was really small and containable, but we’re really upset that we need to add this to the disclosures because the house is going on the market. I’m thinking of writing something like, “if it rains 3+ inches with hurricane force winds like it did on March 13-15, 2010 a small amount of water will seep into the basement below the place where the pump hose exits the wall.”

  2. The cost wasn’t too bad–less than the deductible on my insurance. We may get some more money on the insurance for the stuff that’s been damaged, but they’re cleaning as we speak, and I am quite happy!

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